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Lark Elizabeth Berry

© 2000-2008 Lark Elizabeth Berry

Artist's Statement: “Writing about the work has always been somewhat difficult for me; I feel my painting is a language in itself. I try to express joy, and gratitude in the work – for this glorious life we are blessed to be living. I have been painting since childhood, inspired by many superb mentors. I continue to study art and art history every day. Art is life to me. It’s a way of seeing, a way of experiencing the world.”

– The artist lives and works in San Francisco, California

Media: oil, acrylic, pencil and pastels, collage and photographic series (in this portfolio: photographic portraits of heirloom dolls belonging to family friends)

List of Exhibitions and Galleries: available on request. Most recent exhibit – 25 paintings, January – March 2007, Corporate location, Four Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA 94111.

List of Collectors: available on request.

Education: University of Oregon/Fine Arts-Painting, studied portraiture with Alan Haemer, University of California/Berkeley, San Francisco Art Institute (aspire to a masters degree in art history)

Artist's Favorite Quotes:

“An artist cannot speak about his art any more than a plant can discuss horticulture.” (Jean Cocteau)

“The artist must say it without saying it.” (Duke Ellington)

“All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster's autobiography.” (Federico Fellini)

“Art addresses itself to the mind, and not to the eyes. It has always been considered in this way by primitive peoples, and they are right. Art is a language, instrument of knowledge, instrument of communication...” (Jean Dubuffet)

“Writing about painting is like singing about architecture” ~ (anon).

“Art is about paying attention.” (Laurie Anderson)

“What an artist is trying to do for people is bring them closer to something, because of course art is about sharing: you wouldn't be an artist if you didn't want to share an experience, a thought.” (David Hockney)

“Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons.” (Al Hirschfeld)

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” (Pablo Picasso)

“Art too is just a way of living.” (Rainer Maria Rilke)