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Dolores Rogers

Dolores has been involved in theater, voice-over, film and television. She has worked with Warner Brothers, Nintendo, Sierra, Nordstrom, Humongous Entertainment and can be heard as the voice of Billy in the educational video "Billy Blue Hair". She has played roles ranging from Florence Unger (in the female version of the Odd Couple) to Miranda in The Tempest and Lord Talbot in an all female production of Henry VI. She was an Irene Ryan nominee for her role as Mary Warren in the Crucible at San Jose State University and won a Toddie award for best supporting actress. Listed on IMDB, Voices.com and Sound Audio Solutions. She is an animal lover and environmentalist (as seen in her many letters to the editor of the Seattle PI and Times) and has been a vegetarian for over twenty years!

Q:How did you get into voice-over?
A: I have been acting in theater since I was a child and started to do voice over in about 1996. I asked all of the agents in Seattle who they recommended to make a voice-over "tape" and they all said Steve Mitchell Productions. I trained and made my tape with them and then secured an agent.

Q: How do you audition for voice-over?
A: It used to be that you would audition in your agents office—now, I'm able to receive auditions via email and record from home with my own little studio and send them back to my agent or casting director.

Q: What is your favorite role you've played?
A: There are several—for Shakespeare, it would have to be Lord Talbot in Henry VI part I—the character reminds me of Bravehart. Also, I played Lizzie in The Rainmaker—that was a really moving play and for pure silliness Vivain Bliss in Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii and Rosemary in Bullshot Crummond. Bullshot was directed by the fabulous creator of Bullshot, Alan Shearman (also an actor and voice actor).

Q: What are you doing now?
A: I just recorded again for Billy Blue Hair—a wonderful Children's Educational Video. I do the voice of Billly and the creator is Kris Olson—a very talented guy. Billy Blue Hair won a Telly Award—congrats Billy!

Q: What is it you like about voice-over as opposed to theater or film?
A: Actually, I love all of the genres: voice-over is lots of fun and I am usually pretty quick to record. It does take enormous concentration and focus. Because you are dealing with time constraints, there isn't a lot of room for mistakes. However, I have played roles in video games that I probably wouldn't be cast in for theater; Bowser Jr in the Mario games, lots of little boy and teenage boy voices—and sometimes female voices! I am involved with Seattle Radio Theater and we do a live radio broadcast at Town Hall in Seattle every year. I usually get to do about 4-5 voices and it is so much fun, because it is in front of a live audience and live on the air! Theatre is different, as you are performing live and there are no retakes and in film you can have retake after retake. In voice-over, you have an exact amount of time to do the exact voice they want. Of course there are many differences in the fields, but they all do involve character, intention, action and reaction. DoloresRogers.Voices.com

Q: So, is your focus primarily voice over?
A: It is, but acting is at the core. I am open to doing more film and television. I have done live hosting for KCTS and also have a crazy character," Bethany" on 35th Street Mission (indieTV.tv). I was in The Fugitive (2001) television show—very interesting and great fun. I also sing Irish folk music (I'm Irish).

Q: Who was your biggest influence?
A: My husband, parents and family have been my greatest supporters and Marlon Brando is one of my favorite actors.

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