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Albert DeCruyenaere

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Albert George DeCruyenaere is an abstract commercial artist whose works have been featured in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, Canada as well as in parts of Mexico. His work is potent and persuasive and can be somewhat controversial. Albert has always had a strong attachment to nature and although he has found himself living mostly in cities, he returns to nature at every opportunity.

Born on a small farm in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Albert was the fifth of six children. His father's work took the family to Montreal when Albert was three, and he spent his childhood years there. Even as a very small child, Albert demonstrated immense talent and interest in art. He loved to draw and paint, spending many hours observing and representing his world through a variety of art forms. His first major works were still-life paintings presented in oils. Recognizing his talents, his parents sent Albert for art classes where he was able to learn the basic components used to create works of visual art.

By the age of 14, Albert knew what he wanted to do and began to take advantage of every Art and Interior Design course that became available to him. Following high school, he went to Dawson College in Quebec. As part of his program at Dawson College, Albert enjoyed a variety of courses in Art, Science, Religion and Philosophy, all of which complemented his more specific Visual Art classes. He completed a four-year Fine Arts program in Interior Design in 1986.

Yearning to express himself artistically, Albert continued to learn through additional courses. Working with three-dimensional animation drawing in the late 1980s brought him close to nature and the natural movement and gave him great pleasure. During this time, he continued to pursue his interest in Art History. The work Albert was doing in Montreal brought him many friends and acquaintances from the worlds of acting, fashion design, style and photography. He enjoyed their company immensely and continued to learn from them.

In 1992, Albert moved to Vancouver, where he ran his own business in Interior Design. While working, he continued to pursue his desire to paint. New friends were openly astonished to learn that paintings hanging on Albert’s walls were his own. Some commented that his home was more beautiful than an art gallery. Albert moved to Calgary, Alberta in 2007, where the beauty of the prairies has become his new inspiration. There, he continues to reside and paint.

Artist’s Statement

Art evokes an emotion one way or another, and through it you can connect, reach out, engage and even enrage. A blank canvas is a blank wall. So you create; you express yourself and the world around you. As an artist you share part of yourself with all other life.

I believe that successful action is cumulative in its results—it builds momentum. Since the desire for more life is inherent in all things, when you begin to move towards larger life, more things attach themselves to you, and then the influence of your desire is multiplied.

My grandfather was an architect, first in Belgium and later here in Canada. My mother was offered a complete scholarship at one of New York’s leading fashion design schools, but could not follow her dreams because my grandmother was sick and needed care. My two sisters are very talented-one does beautiful paintings, the other likes to work in stain glass. My brother can do very creative designs from wood. My father loves to collect Inuit art. I feel my inspiration is my past, my present and what I see as my future.

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